Equipment & Music

  When I first started my business in 1991  I used D.J. Equipment (D.J. mixing board, D.J. speakers)  that’s what the majority of  Disc Jockeys used, and still using today.  Then in 1996 karaoke was added,  the D.J. mixing board just wouldn’t cut it,   I bought a professional studio mixing board, the sound quality was 100% better, I have been using this type ever since.
  The speakers are 3 way towers witch stand close to 4 feet, they are angled from center to top for better acoustics. There isn’t as much echo in big halls with these cabinets compared to others. A nice crisp clean sound is what you want at your party.  You don’t want a sound that is distorted and loud, your guests will not be able to socialize, this will ruin you party.
  I use a tripod light system with 6 special effect lights creating multiple  beams from each light. There is an option available to use one or two tripod light systems. I have tested many components with my systems; I can assure you, I use only the best sound equipment.
  The music industry has changed dramatically since the late 90’s,  in return, so has equipment to reproduce the music, today I can get better sound with less equipment.  I use C.D.’s and a 80gig hard drive media player, 10,000 songs and over 5,000 Karaoke songs.
I do have backup equipment if anything would fail.